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Free poster: kitty sun salutes. Good for humans, too.

Free Printable Kitty Sun Salute Poster

Do you kinda battle to keep a home yoga practice going?

You are not alone!

But we have help, the cutest help you can imagine.

These zen kitties will guide you through your morning (or evening, or whenever) sun salutes.

Do a few of these and all your joints will have moved, you will have synched your breath and movement, and gotten your blood and lymph moving. All round win! 

Plus, let's be honest.

They are going to look awesome up on the wall of your bedroom/study/yoga space. Amiright?

FREE Yogattitude Cards + Workbook

Feeling a bit blah? Need a bit of a boost?

Maybe you need a yogAttitude! 

This beautiful ebook of 25 yogAttidues like loving, brave, and nurturing comes complete with printable cards that you can use any way you like.

Draw one to set the tone for your day, place them on your yoga altar, work through them alphabetically, it's up to you! 

You can use the reflections and questions on each yogAttitude as a basis for a meditative or journalling practice too.