Are you looking to create a healthy culture at your workplace? Do you and your colleagues struggle to find time in the day to escape from the daily grind? MM…Yoga can deliver yoga classes straight to your workplace.

Nadine made a massive difference to us here at Microsoft through her corporate yoga program. Her intuitive and customised approach to each individual’s levels of competency was amazing. This was of great value to all of our staff – from yoga beginners to advanced class participants. Her advice to listen to your body throughout the classes was welcomed as was her bubbly personality and wicked sense of humour!
— Trudi Grant, Microsoft Australia

Why mobile yoga classes?


People don’t have to move far from their desks.

We teach yoga classes at your workplace, so health, relief from chronic pain and stress are only an elevator ride away. MM…Yoga instructors arrive early for class to set up the room – moving furniture around, dimming lights, and setting a tranquil mood with tinkly music.


It builds great team dynamics.

Yoga classes get people more relaxed and productive, and can help alleviate the pain and stress of a corporate lifestyle. When you arrange to have yoga classes at work, people become more accountable for their health: you might have people at work asking whether you are going to class, so it keeps you committed.


It’s cheaper than going to a yoga studio.

A block of ten classes costs $1,650 ($165 per class). If you have 15 participants dividing the cost, it’s only $11 per class. It gets even cheaper the more people get involved. We like to keep classes to a maximum of 20 per group to ensure everyone’s comfortable, getting personal attention, and has space to stretch.

You might even get your yoga bankrolled by work health! More info here.


We set up a time that suits you.

Yoga classes are delivered straight to your workplace, so you don’t have to work around a studio schedule or the availability of just one teacher. Whatever time your group wants, your group gets.


The classes are individualised.

Because your group is specially choosing to do yoga together, you are not showing up to a class that has an established ‘level’ or ‘style’. You will get what you need. And if you aren’t happy, you can ask for something different – that’s a great thing about ordering your yoga in! Read about our style of yoga here.


Don’t want to commit to ongoing classes? Try a one-off corporate yoga at work session for $195.

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