We are huge yoga nerds round here: all anatomy study and geeking out. Our mission? To give you exactly what YOU need from yoga. No cookie-cutter classes here, although we are quite fond of actual cookies.

We work one-on-one or in small friendly groups and we come to you.

Superheroes saving the world, one breath at a time.

Apart from teaching yoga, which makes the world a much better place, we donate a percentage of our profits to Save the Children every month.  We offer regular gold-coin donation classes to raise money with all proceeds going to Wesley Food For Families, and you will also find us volunteering at events close to our hearts.

Recent volunteering: speaking for Eating Disorders Victoria, volunteering at an all-women startup weekend, offering free continuing ed workshops to other teachers, and mentoring.

Mm...yoga! is a collective headed up by Karen Chow.

Karen (superhero name: Captain Sneaky) -   read bio

Karen (superhero name: Captain Sneaky) - read bio

Yoga with Nadine has not only helped me to increase strength and reduce stress but has also brought about awareness of my body and self. I can now manage my chronic back injury in day to day life and have become more aware and confident with my body and it’s limits. It’s generalised into my life assisting me to mangage and cope with all that comes along, especially when living with injury.

— Kate Pollard, Speech Pathologist
Sophie (superhero name: Smart Girl) -   read bio

Sophie (superhero name: Smart Girl) - read bio

Nancy (superhero name: Bliss) -   read bio

Nancy (superhero name: Bliss) - read bio

Erin (superhero name: Zen Woman) -   read bio

Erin (superhero name: Zen Woman) - read bio

Nancy was great. She was grounded without too much woo woo! I had a fantastic time and I look forward to my next session...thank you.

— Kate Andrews, Creative Director -Photographer, Honeyrock Photography
Karol (superhero name: BB) -  read bio

Karol (superhero name: BB) -read bio

Monique (superhero name: Happythought) -   read bio

Monique (superhero name: Happythought) - read bio

Fee (superhero name: Mama Rocks) -   read bio

Fee (superhero name: Mama Rocks) - read bio

The legal team at REA Group booked Karen through MM… Yoga to run a yoga session for us at the start of a full day conference. A couple of people in our group had injuries at the time; Karen actively changed her class program to accommodate for the unique needs of these people so that they could still participate. Karen arrived early, was well prepared, and her instructions were clear and easy to understand. She gave our group an enjoyable, energising experience. I recommend Karen and MM… Yoga to other companies that want to provide their employees with a healthy, fun and relaxing experience.
— Ben Hooper, realestate.com.au