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Suzy is a scientist and a yoga teacher. It works well, the combination. She’s an anatomy geek. Did we mention we love those?

Keeps people safe and all that. We also love her earthy humour. She has super-skills with explaining what she wants you to do with your muscles and how you should be breathing.

If you get lucky, she might bring you some of her ambrosial cooking (she’s been known to show up at class with homemade cookies).

She’s also a wine aficionado, which may not be so useful if you are planning to stand one one leg AND drink wine.

We love yoga with Suzy. When you are working in a stressful environment, you need to take time out and Tuesday lunch-time yoga with Suzy is just the antidote. Suzy takes up through our paces; sure we yoga hard but after the final relax we feel energised and ready for what’s going to hit us next.
I would recommend yoga with Suzy to anyone.
— Mary-Louise Hatch, Lecturer, College of Law