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Nadine Farlie founded mm…Yoga! out of a crazy, wild passion for yoga. She is a walking poster girl for all the good things it can do. You name the ailment, she’s probably had it: depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and as many joint issues and injuries as you can poke a stick at.

Also, she spends way too much time at her laptop, so she knows about sore necks (and wrists and shoulders).

But those ailments? Gone. Thanks yoga.

Nadine’s been teaching for a while now. 

She sometimes presents at yoga conferences and her yoga articles have been published in Nature & Health Magazine, Australian Yoga Life, Recovering Yogi, Elephant Journal as well as other spots on the inter webs. 

Nadine started up a corporate yoga program at my organisation which has been running successfully since 2008. She is super organised, professional and great to deal with. Nadine has also conducted corporate wellness lunch time seminars which were very popular with our staff. Thus, Nadine’s contribution to our firm-wide health & well-being program has been substantial and beneficial.
— Joanne Haddock, Head of People & Business, Phillips,Ormond & Fitzpatrick