Show next year who’s boss.

Transform your life starting this december. We’ll help you shift perspectives, master your goals and make your life a masterpiece.

There’s a thing with New Year’s workshops. They promise BIG THINGS: a New Year, a New You, a New Body, a New Job, a New Life. Heck – we’re pretty sure we’ve even seen unicorns, sparkles and rainbows and 100% bright and shiny super fun happy times listed as benefits.

We call bull-$%*#. This is not what the Light Up Your Life Workshop is about.

So, to whoever told you that you need to change and that change is hard, that you need a new life, a new job, a new home, a new wardrobe, a new five-year-plan and a new personality?

We say SHUT UP.

Wow, that felt really good.

Because, you know, you’re already awesome.

You just need a little guiding light to realise it.

you don't need a new you: you're already perfect and powerful

The Light Up Your Life Workshop is an online personal development course designed to help you feel, process, let go and empower yourself.

We won’t be using empty affirmations or making mood boards from old magazines. We want this course to allow you to be THE BEST version of you, so we’ve created a toolkit of ancient yogic wisdom and asanas, 21st Century Real Talk and practical, therapeutic and easy-to-implement exercises.

The Light Up Your Life Workshop will give you the courage and discipline to grow into greatness, right in the comfort of your very own home at your own convenience.



We don’t want you starting 2015 without an action plan, which is why our transformational workshop starts in December.

By beginning the inner work now, you’ll be able to kick off the New Year feeling purposeful, powerful and free.


Raise your hand if:

  • You’re feeling weighed down by emotional baggage, and you’re longing to kick that sucker to the curb. For good.
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes are in store for you, and you want to take back control.
  • You’re tired of New Year’s resolutions and the same old, same old. You want a powerful solution – not some dumb affirmation to post on Facebook.
  • You want to laugh like a Disney villain because you’ve vanquished all of your negative beliefs, thoughts and habits. Mwahahahaha.
  • You’ve flirted with yoga, and now you’re wanting a deeper, more meaningful affair. Luckily, yoga is one open-minded kind of guy ;)

Awesome. Then the Light Up Your Life Workshop is for you.


The Light Up Your Life Workshop is run online and is a five-part process to creating lasting, rock-sold changes to achieve true freedom and lightness.

The first part? Your prep work, in the form of a handy e-book plus some videos to start you off. You'll get these as soon as you sign up. Work through these at your leisure, but it's best to get started soon, of course.

Then, starting with Chinese New Year, you go  through the Official Process:

1. Dusk

You’ll identify all that nasty stuff that’s no longer serving you. Old partners? Old jobs? Bad habits? See you NEVER. Using a threefold process, we’ll help you feel your way to freedom so you can begin to initiate changes on your own terms. There will be yoga.

2. Darkness

Get present. Sometimes you can’t see what’s next because it’s dark. This module will teach you to be on fist-pumping terms with the unknown, instead of cowering in its presence. More clarity, more courage and more compassion for numero uno – YOU. More yoga!

3. Dawn

You’ve let some light in – go you! The ego is a real trickster, so in this module we’ll help you identify any negative beliefs and thought patterns holding you back from achieving true lightness. Did you say yoga? Yes. More Yoga.

4. Daylight -

Hello, sunshine. After a fairly extensive spring-cleaning, you’ll learn how to balance your life and newly found light with integrity. What? Yoga? Of course there’s yoga!



+ 5 pretty e-books to save to your desktop or handheld device

+ 4 mouth-watering recipes from the best foodies on the web

+ 10 videos to help take your yoga practice deeper- asanas and meditations

+ Weekly activities & journal exercises designed to help you think, feel, explore and grow into greatness 


All will be delivered to your inbox as soon as you sign up! 

And it all only costs $100.