Yoga for Karol is a process of self-discovery. It's a practice that teaches us how to flow in life with ease, and go beyond the stories of our minds to find a sense of unity & connection with ourselves and each other.

Having experienced different aspects of Yoga, Tantric Spirituality and Mindfulness all around the world (in places such as Germany, Brazil, India and Australia), her passion is to support each and every student to find fluidity in their own journeys.

Her classes are structured as a mindful flow of movement, incorporating breathing techniques, meditation as well as physical postures that are suitable for all levels of students to relax, recharge and reconnect in-joy.

You can find Karen and Karol in a cafe somewhere drinking tumeric lattes and discussing how to save the world via introspection and yoga (Karol is also brazilian and as latinas are, very passionate and loving nature, has a marketing and branding background and will be teaching that as well for the teacher training)