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Why 'drop your shoulders' is a terrible yoga cue.

Why 'drop your shoulders' is a terrible yoga cue.

A lot of the yoga we practice these days emphasises bearing weight through our arms (and therefore, our shoulder girdles). Which, strictly speaking, we aren't really designed to do.

Which makes it really important to understand what we should be doing with our arms and shoulders to be safe.

6 Myths About Good Posture, Busted

6 Myths About Good Posture, Busted

Have  you noticed how much we talk about posture round here? What we actually mean is good biomechanical alignment, but posture is an easier catch-all term.

One of my favourite things to do, when I've got the time - say, at retreats, or workshops, or teacher trainings, is to take photos of people from the side and SHOW them what their alignment is really like. It's a super-quick way to bust the myths about good posture, like I'm going to do now.

What is Biomechanically Updated Yoga?

What is Biomechanically Updated Yoga?

People have been asking me what I mean when I say we will be doing  'biomechanically updated yoga' at the retreat. It's a term that refers to yoga that uses what we now know about how human bodies work.

Biomechanics is the science of applying the laws of mechanics and physics to living things, or more specifically in our case, the human body. It helps All The Things. Comfort, pain reduction, improved metabolism, lower blood pressure even! 

mmYoga Superheroes: We're not so serious about yoga.

I've never done well with the 'serene' image of yoga. Serene isn't something that comes naturally to me; I do yoga to become more like that. Naturally, I am in equal parts anxious and silly. The happier I am, the sillier I get.

Which is not a bad thing, in my (cough) humble opinion. In same opinion, I think the yoga world has a slight tendency to take itself too seriously.

It's not necessary.

You can be plenty spiritual and still be happy/silly/have fun.

In fact, I'd be suspicious of someone who claims to be spiritual, but lacks a sense of humour. If you've ever seen the Dalai Lama speak (and nobody's going to argue about his spiritual cred) you will know that he's got a great sense of humour.

If you find someone taking themselves too seriously - or trying to get you to - you may need to call on a mmYoga Superhero to save the day...

Captain Sneaky (street name Karen Chow) 

captain sneaky.jpg

Superpowers: Sneakily getting you to work much harder than you expected by being cute and giggly. Helping people feel great again by means of Yoga. Dressing like a hipster & not being mocked for it.

Karen says:

Yoga is about finding balance, right?  So if we're serious 50% of the time, the other 50% should be not so serious. I like to teach that way too. Anatomy and alignment cues, I'm dead serious. All the lame jokes and terrible metaphors I use, not so serious. 


Ms. Awesome (street name Suzy Taylor)

Ms awesome.jpg

Superpowers: Reminding people how awesome they already are by means of Science. Helping people be more awesome by means of Yoga. Wearing knee socks and getting away with it.

Suzy says:

Once, I farted while teaching a class. OMG! Embarrassing?  I chose to laugh and say ‘well, sometimes that happens when we twist’, and just carry on with the class. From that moment on, I stopped trying to be such a serious yoga teacher. Yoga is a break from the hard grind of our daily lives; it's not about being rigid, or perfect or doing exactly the same thing as the person on the mat next to you. It’s about stepping out of what you think might be expected of you, and just doing what feels right for you right now (hopefully that won't usually be farting!)

Together they are: mm…Yoga Superheroes: the Retreat Crusaders.


You will have so much fun with them on our Bali Yoga Retreat in November - it's still early bird pricing till Aug 31, and there are still a few rooms left - hop to it!

These two are definitely up to something...

These two are definitely up to something...


PS We'd love if you post your #mmyogsuperheroes pics on instagram. Not just Karen and Suzy, but other team members and students - join us? You are a super-hero too!