Yoga for stress: 101 ways to roll around on the floor.

This is an edited, reworked version of a post that originally appeared on my personal blog, when it was still running. I 'borrowed' the post title from Karen: I was rolling around on her floor one day after a particularly punishing week.

We were scheduled to go out for diner, but I had to do some yoga first.

What I meant was, I needed to lie on the floor and do various versions of nothing.

Both Karen and I favour this kind of a practice when we are busy and our bodies are tired from teaching too much yoga. It's called Rakshana krama (which I shall loosely translate as yoga for comfort), and its purpose is to keep us comfortable enough to get through our daily lives.

Also, lying quietly gives your nervous system a chance to settle. Passively elaxing the big muscles of your hips sending the message that you are no longer in fight-or-flight mode, and you often get more stillness of mind by doing this before you try to meditate.

Karen joked that she was going to start a series: 101 ways to roll around on the floor. You'd think there are only a few ways to roll on the floor, er, I mean, do restorative yoga. You'd be wrong. There are loads. At least 101.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first five ways to roll around on the floor. These pictures are old (several years old) so please excuse the poor alignment. I've worked on it a LOT since then.

You can click here to get this image as a printable PDF.

Also, please note some of these movements (twists especially) are contraindicated if you have osteoporosis, lumbar or neck issues. It's always best to check with your doctor if you've never done these kinds of movements before.

If something feels unpleasant, it's neither useful to help you destress nor, probably, good for your body. Just skip it and go on to the next thing!

Do the first two movements dynamically, or stay if you prefer. And remember to breathe deeply, evenly and comfortably, with a soft neck!


Nadine & the mm...Yoga! team.