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Are you sitting on your junk?

Are you sitting on your junk?

You know how, in yoga class, we are always talking about neutral pelvis? And about how none of us manage that when we are sitting for long periods of time?

Well, think about it. If you DID sit in neutral pelvis all the time, you'd be sitting on your junk all the time...

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Top row:

  1. Ways to vary your squats - instructions here.
  2. Yoga cat is watching you.
  3. Safer forward bends (hip flexion) vs not-so-safe ones (lumbar flexion). Full post here.

Bottom row:

  1. Mobilise your upper back.
  2. Feet - what do yours do in Down Dog?
  3. More feet: walk with your feet pointing forward to save your knees.

4 reasons every athlete should do yoga + remember this free yoga for runners download?

Rich Roll is a two-time top finisher at the Ultraman World Championships. In 2010, he became the the first person (along with colleague Jason Lester) to complete EPIC5 – 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 Hawaiian Islands in under a week. He knows a bit about being an athlete, apparently. He recently wrote an article about why every athlete should do yoga.


 A few highlights:

  1. Strength
  2. Balance
  3. Flexibility
  4. Mental Control

You should pop over and read what he has to say about mental control. It's pretty interesting stuff. Also, true.

And if you are an athlete of the running variety, here's a yoga practice for you, to add power to your flexibility routine.

Also, remember, good squatting form gets your glutes firing and will get you running faster.