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Making Space for Yoga


I was chatting to a friend the other day, and she told me the only thing holding her back from organising yoga at her workplace was the fact that all their meeting rooms had tables & chairs in them, and she just didn’t have the time to move them before class. That was when I realised that most people don’t know about one of the biggest pluses of yoga at work: the teachers get the room ready! It’s part of the deal – we show up early, and move furniture out of the way if needed.

Pretty awesome eh?

Basically, our deal is this: remove every possible obstacle to doing yoga. We bring it to you, at a time that suits the group, and we move furniture!

Also, the classes work out a lot cheaper that regular yoga classes. And sometimes, you can even get workhealth funding.

Anyone need some tables moved?

Funding Yoga at Work - thanks, WorkHealth!

The Victorian Government are really doing good work in promoting greater workplace wellness. Yay them! They are even bankrolling healthy activities now, for businesses that qualify. That’s pretty awesome.


What does your business need to do to qualify?

According to the WorkHealth website,

WorkHealth has launched an exciting new grants program, to assist medium to large businesses to continue to support the health of their workers following WorkHealth checks.

To be eligible for a grant, your organisation must have:

  • Had 60% or more of your workers participate in a WorkHealth check through the WorkHealth program
  • $2 million or more remuneration, in Victoria
  • 30 or more workers based in Victoria

If you meet the above criteria, you will receive an invitation from WorkHealth to participate in our grants program. This invitation provides an opportunity to select from a menu of activities that you can roll-out in your workplace.

The WorkHealth checks are a good idea anyway: if you KNOW you have a lurking health issue, like high blood pressure or pre-diabetes, you can do something about it before it becomes a real problem. And, of course, healthier workers mean less sick days.

Research has shown that yoga is great for reducing many of the symptoms of stress:hypertensionpoor sleep qualityanxiety. All can be improved with a regular yoga practice.

And a regular yoga practice, conveniently at work, can be partially, or maybe entirely, paid for by means of WorkHealth grants. These are the grant levels, according to their website:

Medium businesses ($2-$10 million remuneration) will receive a grant offer of up to $5,000, and large businesses ($10 million plus) will receive a grant offer of up to $10,000.

Nice! Yoga, anyone?