Sadhana Kitchen Raw Vegan Choc Cupcakes

Do you read Peppermint Magazine? It's all about sustainable living, good choices, and not compromising quality or deliciousness while you're doing it.

Take this *amaaaaaaazing* recipe from their Winter 2014 issue. It's from Sadhana Kitchen in Sydney (makes us want to move to Sydney) and it reminds us so much of the food you can get everywhere in Ubud. 

When we go on retreat there, we know that there will be no end of delicious food, and most of it is super virtuous. Green smoothies at every second cafe, fresh veggie juice everywhere (although I personally would only get those from trusted establishments. I've had Bali Belly enough times to learn my lesson!). Yes, there are cocktails too! Gotta have a little balance in life eh?

I love Ubud so much, I took myself there again in January (for the fourth time) just to have a little personal yoga retreat before my work year started. It was so nice. I must tell you about the four-handed massage I had. But for now: yum! 

Let us know if you make them, and what you think! 

Sadhana Kitchen Raw Vegan Choc Cupcakes