the mat lululemon

Do you need a yoga mat to do yoga on?

The short answer is 'no'. A towel will do just fine, or, if you are ok with being on the floor, the floor is fine too. At least to start with.

Nobody needs to be buying fancy sporting equipment until they've decided they are really into the activity, right?

I can't think of anything sadder than a yoga mat joining the elliptical glider that's now used as a drying rack, in the junk room. Or worse, the garage.

But if you DO decide you are into yoga, and you want a mat to practice on, or as a barrier between you and the daggy carpet at work, here a are a few suggestions:

My favourite all-time mat is the lululemon Un-Mat. It, and its bigger cousin The Mat, have the best grip of any mats I've ever used. I've been using my un-mat since January 2010, and although it's a bit marked, the surface is still completely intact. As someone who shredded a Jade Mat to unusability within two years, this is a BIG selling point for me. The Un-Mat has the advantage of being very thin and light so you can easily carry it around with you or even leave it at work.

If you want more choice, the good people over at Design*Sponge put together a whole selection of yoga mats. I actually had no idea there was so much choice. See, down there, number 8? It's the Mat again. And number 6 is a yoga towel from Target, which is both easy on the wallet and easy to transport. Not sure if the Australian stores carry it, but it's worth a look. Pop over & see the rest of their picks here.

Also from D*S, once you HAVE the mat, you could indulge in a little DIY and sew yourself a yoga mat bag, or get someone to sew it for you, of course.

Enjoy x