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5 Reasons to work on your biomechanics + a free book

5 Reasons to work on your biomechanics + a free book

Biomechanics is the science of applying the laws of mechanics and physics to living things. In our case, the human body.

Think about it: if we can use those laws to build skyscrapers and aeroplanes, AND we trust our lives in said skyscrapers and aeroplanes, then biomechanics is likely to be very useful!

Here are five reasons to work on YOUR alignment.

Will yoga help me recover from injury?

Will yoga help me recover from injury?

We get lots of people asking us this. 

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is: yes, but you need to address the other 95% of your life too or you are likely to continue to have pain or run into injuries.

Do Yoga in Bed!

Here you go: our four quick & easy yoga poses for you to do without even getting out of bed, which appeared in the latest Melbourne 3000 magazine. Click the image or this link to get to the downloadable PDF.

yoga in bed

Five-minute yoga fix (free download)

Do you read the 3000 Docklands magazine? It's pretty cool, especially given it's free. And we are in it this month!

This sequence quite literally takes five minutes and if you do it every day it will change your life. Okay, maybe not your whole life, but you'll feel way less achy, your muscles will be stronger and more flexible, and you are likely to have a lot less headaches and the like.

Five minutes. Consider it your homework. Click on the image to get a downloadable high-res PDF, or just click here.

five minute yoga fix