crow pose

Arm Balance Preparation Poses


I seldom do REAL arm balances because my wrists kind of hate them. I am very tight in mr forearms, and my shoulders, and my chest. 

All of which mean I don't quite access the pathways of weight in my hands as I should, for comfort.

I'm working on releasing my upper body but it's an uphill struggle given how much I drive and use a computer. I'm all about good biomechanics these days, so I don't do stuff that I KNOW will hurt me. Well, mostly I don't. Sigh.

If you're in the same boat, I offer you these arm balance prep poses. They won't put as much pressure on your wrists, shoulders, or neck, but they WILL get you strong!!!

Here are my three favourites for you to practice at home! 

And if you are working towards  Bakasana (Crane or Crow Pose) and can't QUITE get liftoff, here's a little trick for you from our friend Jenifer at Healium: