Giveaway: Creative Yoga Games for Kids Vol 2

Grownups aren't the only ones who benefit from yoga! Kids love it, right from the time they are babies in the womb (article from Janene about prenatal yoga coming next).

Over the years of teaching private yoga classes in people's homes, I, and most of the other mm...Yoga! teachers, have often included kids in the class proceedings. They love climbing through the 'tunnel' when their parents are doing Down Dog. Also, they love climbing up when mum or dad is doing plank pose. You think it's hard, try it with your three year old on your back!

Kids also love DOING yoga, and often come up with the most awesome poses (probably how all the coolest yoga poses get invented, if you ask me).


The challenge is in keeping kids engaged enough to get the calming and focusing benefits of yoga. This is something Edna Reinhardt does masterfully.

I first met her in 2009 at a yoga conference: she had a stall to sell her original yoga games for kids cards. I bought some. Then I gave those to the son of one of my private clients (he adored them so much) and promptly bought more. Also, signed up for a workshop with Edna to learn how she does what she does.

I learned two main things that day:

  1. I am not a teacher of children. I like teaching adults.
  2. Edna is a master of teaching kids.

Edna's a really lovely person, and even though she's been teaching kids movement since the 70's, she's still innovating and getting better. No wonder her products can be found all over the world, and in practically every school in Melbourne with a teacher interested in movement/meditation.

She's also provided us with a sample lesson plan using her creative yoga games cards - click hereto view/download.

If you want a copy of her brand new yoga games for kids cards, we have three to give away!


You can enter in the following ways:

  1. Join the mm...Yoga! mailing list (if you are already signed up, that's an automatic entry)
  2. Share this post on Facebook & tag mmYoga
  3. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you'd like a set of cards

You can enter in any of these three ways, up to three entries per person. Entries close on 29 August and the winners will be announced on Facebook and via email to the mailing list on Friday 30 August.

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners:

Carly Lewis Horwood

Nicholas Martin

Lynn Vedelsby

What style of yoga do mm...Yoga! teach?

Good question. We teach what can really be best described as 'corporate yoga'. I.e. people will get challenged, but the pace isn't too fast as it's silly to expect folks to come straight out of work mode & meetings and into a very fast moving yoga class where the risk of injury exists.

 We sometimes call it 'slow power yoga' so that people know they will be doing lots of lunges, squats, and planks, but that they won't be moving as fast as in a traditional vinyasa class.

We do a lot of strength and postural work, too, so people can get through their daily lives feeling more physically comfortable and calmer.

 Here's a sample of how a mm...Yoga! class might look:

  • Start in savasana (lying on your back) with breath awareness
  • shoulder warm ups
  • cat-cow
  • down dog (where we asess what people’s shoulder girdles are doing and their hamstring mobility)
karen down dog
karen down dog
squatting is good for you ass-ana!
squatting is good for you ass-ana!
  • short rest on back, then core work, bridge pose, maybe side plank if appropriate:
  • reclining twist
reclining twist
reclining twist
  • savasana (guided relaxation)

Enter the $1000 Squat Challenge here!

Would YOU do squat for $1000? The third annual mm...Yoga! retreat is coming up in Bali in November and one lucky person can win $1000 towards it.

This is how: the person, in Melbourne or elsewhere, who squats the longest with good form, wins the $1000. Easy right? Well, not that hard, anyway, given it's been all squats all the time at mm...Yoga! this year. This is an excellent guide for getting you squat ready. Pop over & read it.

Here's what we are looking for (and maybe you will actually do better, since I have that sticky outy lower back thing going on):

squat challenge


  • You may enter in person, at any mm...Yoga! class. Your teacher will assess your form and time you - you get one go and can only make your attempt if you've entered here.
  • You may enter via video, by filming yourself and placing a clock on your mat so we can see the passage of time.
  • You have until June 30 to make your attempt. You must enter your details in the form below to qualify.
  • You must be in good health and your entry must not compromise your wellness. If we find out it has, you will be disqualified. Also, you will be in pain. Which is silly.
  • You may use the entire $1000 towards funding your own retreat payment, or you may split your winnings with a friend. Prize is not transferable - it will be used to discount the cost of your mm...Yoga! retreat. If you can't take up your prize, it will be allocated to the person who came second.


Update: This competition is now closed, thanks to everyone who entered it. Veronica Michich won by squatting, with good form, for just over ten minutes. Ten minutes!

Five-minute yoga fix (free download)

Do you read the 3000 Docklands magazine? It's pretty cool, especially given it's free. And we are in it this month!

This sequence quite literally takes five minutes and if you do it every day it will change your life. Okay, maybe not your whole life, but you'll feel way less achy, your muscles will be stronger and more flexible, and you are likely to have a lot less headaches and the like.

Five minutes. Consider it your homework. Click on the image to get a downloadable high-res PDF, or just click here.

five minute yoga fix

Our core values are all about YOU.

This post was originally published as a guest post on the kind over matter blog on Tuesday 19 March 2013. The last time I wrote about Kindness in Business, I was writing about how better boundaries mean better business.

It's even easier to observe good boundaries when you know where they are. One of the best ways to get clear about this is to figure out your core values, and those of your business.

Core Values.

Sounds like such a business-speak term, doesn't it?

But really, you will have certain deeply held values that govern how you go about life. And business.

My three personal core values are safe, strong, and sovereign. I go through life living to those. For example, several times every day, I ask myself:

Am I safe, and am I doing anything to create safe (or unsafe) space for those around me? 

This is a very important value for me because I had an unsafe childhood. So I am always checking: am I creating safe space for myself, and for those I work with, those I have relationships with? One of the big ways people create UNSAFE space, apart from obvious forms of violence, is by not being clear on their values, and therefore allowing and creating violations.

My personal values aren't QUITE the same as the mm...Yoga!  business values. 

Sovereign shows up in both, but otherwise they are a little different. I must confess, it came as a bit of a surprise to me to find that the business values were not exactly the same as my personal values. But, really, of course they weren't going to be: mm...Yoga! exists to serve a group of people who have different needs to me, but as a group the needs are well served by these four values: Affordable, Accessible, Sovereign, Fun.

Let's take a look at Accessible.

It's very important, in the context of this business, that anyone feel welcome at a yoga class we are running, regardless of age, physical wellness, or level of experience. Loads of people SAY these things but then ask their students to do bendy stuff they really can't or shouldn't, or wear skimpy clothes that make people feel uncomfortable, or talk about bra-straps when there are men in the room, which is NOT an accessible way to give a man an instruction.

I try to make the classes accessible to as broad a range of people as possible by doing things like giving people detailed information on how their poses should feel and how they might feel if they needed to rest and joking about my own limitations so people feel comfortable to honour theirs.

I feel this is a way of showing true kindness to people - seeing them as they really are and showing acceptance for that.

It's funny how that went: by figuring out my core values, and the core values of my business, I found a way to show a great deal more kindness to myself, the people who work in the business with me, and also, most importantly, our clients.

I hope, and from your feedback (like the lovely note below) believe  we are getting this right - if not, you'll tell us, yes?


Nadine made a massive difference to us here at Microsoft through her corporate yoga program. Her intuitive and customised approach to each individual's levels of competency of yoga was amazing and valued by the beginners to advanced class participants. Her advice to listen to your body throughout the classes was welcomed as was her bubbly personality and wicked sense of humour!

Trudi Grant, Microsoft Australia