Slow Is More

Slow and fast. Inhale and exhale. Action and stillness. Yoga is about harmonising opposites. The very word yoga means to yoke or to bind (from the Sanskrit root yuj). What a pity then, that so many of us have such a hard time with the slowing down bit.

Be here, now

Yoga is exercise, of course, and darn good exercise too! But it's also an opportunity to slow our racing minds, deepen our shallow, stressed breath, and nurture ourselves.

Not with food, but with self-care.

It's so important, for your health, to slow down. Physically and mentally, you will feel better if every now and then, you take things slow. Live at a human pace rather than a technology pace.

Nurture Yourself - why slow is more

Suzy agrees with me:

As far as I’m concerned slow is the new black, for oh-so-many reasons, and I was having a conversation with a student about this just last week. Slowing down your yoga practice allows you to have more awareness of how your body is moving into and out of poses, it allows you to notice how you are whilst in your asana, it allows you to be more mindful. There, I said it, that yoga buzzword.
Mindfulness helps mental health

Karen also believes slow is more. In fact, she says:

Slow is HARDER. It's quite easy to fly through life or a yoga sequence, but pausing to reflect can be difficult. When we slow down we can connect more with our breath, our muscles, our mind. It's quite easy to come into plank for a fraction of a second and move on to your next pose, but when you stay there, your muscles are working harder, you mind becomes more focused.


Slow down. Nurture yourself. If you've been wanting to get away for a bit, do it. It's ok to sometimes want a few days (or even just hours) away from work or your family. You will go back much more able to be present and calm.

If you want to take a Sunday afternoon nap, do it. We have one student who says her week just isn't right without that nap!

Walk barefoot in the park. It's good to slow down sometimes! 

Walk barefoot in the park. It's good to slow down sometimes! 

Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the park.

Slow your breath.


Write in your journal.

Do restorative yoga.

Go on retreat.

Slow is more, sometimes: be compassionate with yourself.




PS: Retreating with us in Bali is a *great* way to slow down. Join us?