Rice pudding for breakfast at a yoga retreat? Yes, thanks.

Confession: we don't do 'detox' style yoga retreats. Mostly because we believe in enjoying one's holiday, and it's hard to do that when you are hungry. 

Also because:

So it will come as no real surprise to you that our yoga retreats are somewhat about the food. Ok, a lot about the food. Sunday mornings on retreat in Ubud are my favourite: black rice pudding for breakfast! Yes, dessert for breakfast!

What, I've earned it, I did yoga before-hand.

I've even found a way to recreate the yum at home in Melbourne. This wonderful gal has a recipe for the good stuff on her blog:

Yum. I wonder if Karen or Suzy will smuggle some back for me from this year's retreat?


PS: 5 Ways Eat Pray Love Lies about Yoga in Bali.