Finance Conference - Yoga in Pictures

The good people of have been loyal mm...Yogis for some time now. We provide yoga as part of their corporate health & wellness strategy, and this year, they amped things up a notch. They got mm...Yoga! in to teach a meditation class at the HR Team's annual strategy session, and a morning yoga, breathing and meditation session at the finance team conference too. How awesome are they?

I was even more impressed because the entire finance team - 70+ people - turned up. Despite it being, you know, early in the morning. And you know how those conference dinners go. A lot of people were feeling...under the weather.

Yet there they all were, cracking jokes, stretching gamely, even if they'd never done yoga before, and focusing on their breathing.

Afterwards, they told me it was a really great way to start their morning, and that they felt calm and energised. Love it!

Photos courtesy of Aaron Yong.

REA Group Finance Conference_20121116_10
REA Group Finance Conference_20121116_04
REA Group Finance Conference_20121116_01