mm...assage at work! So good for you.


You probably need a massage. At work.

Yes, you probably do...

It's a great way to revive and energise a tired desk bound body.  It's really convenient as the massages are done on a massage chair or even at your desk so that it doesn't interrupt the work day.  No oils are used and you can be massaged in your work clothes.

Relieving muscular tension and aching back muscles, reducing stress levels, increasing focus and productivity are just a few of the benefits.

Whilst the research into the benefits of massage is

nowhere near as rigourous as I'd like

, or as extensive as the body of yoga research, studies do tend to show that people derive immediate benefit from the massages.

Over the longer term massage, like yoga, develops better body awareness. 

As your body awareness improves, you become better able to feel your aches and pains.

It can feel like you are suddenly in more pain than before.

This awareness is key to making positive changes in your health:

Once you are aware of the knots in your  shoulders, say, you can take steps to prevent them from forming in the first place.

As a happy customer says:

Karen was fantastic – I’ve even changed the height of my computer monitor this morning because of the huge knots she found in my shoulders!

My other suggestions for self-care? Yoga and (more) massage of course.

One busy mum put it perfectly:

mmm…assage for me please!!!!!

Love the idea.  As a working mum of a 6 and 4 yo, and a 5 month old, all my exercise and personal time needs to be taken care of at work/lunchtime.

So I cycle to the train station, and do the lunchtime yoga.  Do leg lifts whilst doing the dishes, baby cuddles with lunges etc.  So bring on the workhours massage.

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to find out how you can organise a massage therapist to come to YOUR office & ease your tight shoulders/neck/back and set you on the road to better body awareness, less pain and more health!