Giveaway: Creative Yoga Games for Kids Vol 2

Grownups aren't the only ones who benefit from yoga! Kids love it, right from the time they are babies in the womb (article from Janene about prenatal yoga coming next).

Over the years of teaching private yoga classes in people's homes, I, and most of the other mm...Yoga! teachers, have often included kids in the class proceedings. They love climbing through the 'tunnel' when their parents are doing Down Dog. Also, they love climbing up when mum or dad is doing plank pose. You think it's hard, try it with your three year old on your back!

Kids also love DOING yoga, and often come up with the most awesome poses (probably how all the coolest yoga poses get invented, if you ask me).


The challenge is in keeping kids engaged enough to get the calming and focusing benefits of yoga. This is something Edna Reinhardt does masterfully.

I first met her in 2009 at a yoga conference: she had a stall to sell her original yoga games for kids cards. I bought some. Then I gave those to the son of one of my private clients (he adored them so much) and promptly bought more. Also, signed up for a workshop with Edna to learn how she does what she does.

I learned two main things that day:

  1. I am not a teacher of children. I like teaching adults.
  2. Edna is a master of teaching kids.

Edna's a really lovely person, and even though she's been teaching kids movement since the 70's, she's still innovating and getting better. No wonder her products can be found all over the world, and in practically every school in Melbourne with a teacher interested in movement/meditation.

She's also provided us with a sample lesson plan using her creative yoga games cards - click hereto view/download.

If you want a copy of her brand new yoga games for kids cards, we have three to give away!


You can enter in the following ways:

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You can enter in any of these three ways, up to three entries per person. Entries close on 29 August and the winners will be announced on Facebook and via email to the mailing list on Friday 30 August.

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners:

Carly Lewis Horwood

Nicholas Martin

Lynn Vedelsby