There's something missing from my yoga world

Did you see over on instagram that I tidied my yoga corner? And yes, I do sometimes wonder if I'm the only one with a spine, a skeleton, and Buddha sitting side by side.

Which summarises what I am craving when I go to yoga class (because I can't go to my own classes you know?). 

I want classes with conversation AND movement. But not classes that are too technical because then I end up all in my head.

I want to feel embodied in movement but also learn something new. It might be a big ask. Maybe I'm fantasising about it more now than usual because I was in a car accident over the weekend (I'm fine, just a bit banged about. My car? Not so much. And my partner sustained a small injury but is being really well cared for. We are so lucky. It could have been so much worse. But events like this do make you stop and think about life and your priorities.)

I don't want classes that sometimes make you feel like an idiot or incompetent because you can't do something.

I remember when I did my first teacher training, and I was chatting to one of the teaching assistants (who was 22 years old) and was shocked that I've been practising for 6-7 years and couldn't do a headstand. In that moment, he made me feel so little. And no, I still don't practice headstands even though I can, but I choose not to for safety reasons. And more so now that my neck has had more trauma! 

I want classes that can teach us how to use our bodies more efficiently and with more ease and comfort on a day to day basis.

Never mind about being upside down, there are many people out there who struggle to get up and down from the floor. How can our yoga practice help us bend over and put on our shoes and tie our shoelaces without groaning about back pain? How can our squats in yoga help us when we have young children and need to get down to their levels to play or pick up toys and have bath time in the tub without being in pain? 

These are the things I want to see more of in the yoga world. MUCH more of.

How about you? Is there anything missing in your yoga world?