Do You Have a Teacher's Soul?

And no, I do not mean that you have a soul in a jar somewhere. That would be weird. And gross.

What I DO mean is that some people are natural born teachers.

They love helping other people learn. A passion for and knowledge of the subject matter is helpful to teaching of course, but the skills - and dare I say talents - that make someone a good teacher don't have much to do with what they are teaching.

Most people who take yoga teacher trainings love yoga, so we've got the whole passion for subject bit covered.

But not all of start off actually wanting to teach.

I've found that there are two main reasons people choose to do Yoga Teacher Training: they want to teach yoga, or they want to deepen their own practice.

Now, you'd think the folks who want to teach all fall into the 'soul of a teacher' category, wouldn't you?

Or do you already know I'm asking you a trick question?

See the thing is this: a love for yoga often grows into a desire to teach yoga. Not a desire to teach people but rather a desire to delve deeper into yoga.

I've known so many yoga teachers (and other kinds of teachers for that matter) who have a HUGE passion for their subject but just aren't so keen on - or skilled at - the teaching part.

And I also have a confession to make: I did my first yoga teacher training without knowing whether I actually wanted to teach.

What made me do YTT without being certain I wanted to teach?

I'm honestly not sure, but I needed change. I felt lost and I felt like I needed to do something else…not sure what but knew I needed different career, knew I loved yoga, why don’t I try and see. SO yes. I was one of those people. Love of yoga = doing a yoga teacher training.

I was well into my first training when I realised I actually wanted to be a teacher.

Lots of friends were struggling to understand the concepts/homework we had so I was tutoring - I had some more understanding of what we were meant to be learning because I’d already done a thorough month-long intensive and practised for long time.

Eventually, I became the go-to person for a group of people when they didn’t understand - and it was then that I realised I really enjoy teaching. I still wasn’t sure it was yoga I wanted to teach but I knew I definitely want to teach.

The point is this:

Yoga Teacher Training is still one of the best ways to learn more about yoga and that is why people - including me - sometimes choose to take it even when they aren't sure they want to teach.

Courses structured like ours are also a great way to find out whether you actually like or want to teach too, because we ask you to do that from pretty much the first weekend.

I had that experience by accident in my first training because it was, frankly, bad enough that large numbers of people didn't understand what was being taught. 

You can have it as a structured and deliberate part of your training. 

Win win eh?