Lucy Hayward: I want yoga to be accessible to everyone


Lucy Hayward

is an architect, a rainbow-coloured bright spark, world traveller, yoga teacher, and a graduate of our teacher training course! In this 'meet the graduate' interview, she shares what is was like for her and why she wants to teach as she does.


She actually teaches for us when she's in Melbourne too, which I feel super lucky about.

What attracted you to this teacher training?

MM Yoga teacher training was recommended to me by several people that I respect. Initially I was attracted to the course because of its emphasis on anatomy and practical skills of teaching yoga in a small class size. After contacting Nadine I received a beautiful supportive and engaging response and I was sold.

Why did you choose this training over an intensive training (locally or abroad)?

I chose this training over an intensive as it allowed me to continue to work full-time and the length allowed me time to learn and absorb the information we were learning. It gave us lots of time to practice teaching giving me the confidence to teach when we were qualified.

What was your favourite thing(s) about this teacher training?

The small class size created an inclusive and intimate learning space. Nadine and Karen are great teachers, very encouraging and supportive. The training was practical and had us teaching from early in the training. There is an emphasis on creating inclusive yoga for everyone, this was really important for me as I want yoga to be accessible to everyone.

What was the most challenging thing for you in this training?

The most challenging thing for me during the training was continuing to enjoy my own practice with other teachers as I learnt the skills and language of teaching for myself. I found myself judging other teachers against what I was learning which at times was frustrating and unenjoyable. I eventually learnt to be able to focus my practice on myself and take away what was beneficial.

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