Dr. Sarah Jane Perri: I never would have been able to financially justify it

In this next 'meet the graduate' interview, I talk to Dr. Sarah Jane Perri, chiropractor extraordinaire (I see her for treatments actually) and yoga teacher. Sarah undertook teacher training with us during her last year of chiropractic study which was truly impressive, as if a difficult degree at uni wasn't enough! Here she shares what she found tough but also what she found rewarding about our course.

What attracted you to this teacher training?

I was looking for a teacher training course that offered flexibility yet did not compromise on quality. The anatomy focus resonated with me as a chiropractic student and it was also close to home which was a bonus!

Why did you choose this training over an intensive training (locally or abroad)?

I chose mm Yoga because I could go one weekend a month and pay monthly instalments which made it so much more accessible for me. I did not have the opportunity to take a period off studying nor did I have the money up front. Without mm yoga I never would have been able to financially justify completing the training.

What was your favourite thing(s) about this teacher training?

I loved that we actually got teaching experience! So many other courses do not offer the amount of teaching hours and community teaching opportunities that mm Yoga do. 

I also liked that we touched on all aspects of Yoga from the philosophy to the art of teaching. We had guest teachers that were incredible. 

I loved the community we built within the group, friendships that I will treasure for a lifetime.

What was the most challenging thing for you in this training?

It can be nerve racking teaching at the start! I was not expecting to be challenged in this way, but I learnt a lot about clear and concise communication. Practice definitely makes this easier along the way and the environment that mm Yoga creates is safe and welcoming.

At times it was tiring do the weekends as they are intense, but I also really enjoyed them.