5 Reasons Anatomy is Essential for Yoga Teachers

Like I mentioned last week, it's SO GREAT when I run across people - like Lucy - who believe as I do that yoga is for everybody. It's also great when they can put their belief into practice by modifying their classes for people's needs. It's a skill that comes from knowing how human bodies work.

Which brings me to the 5 reasons all yoga teachers should educate themselves about human anatomy and biomechanics:

  1. We are health professionals and we work with human bodies!
  2. The more you know about how bodies work, the better equipped you are to refer on when needed.
  3. A yoga teacher with a good working knowledge of human anatomy can provide an excellent complement to physiotherapy and other allied health interventions, as many of our students already know.
  4. Knowing how bodies work means you can educate your students to do ‘self-maintenance’ and that can really help people move out of pain and manage their chronic conditions in an empowered way.
  5. If we want to be taken seriously, we need to be serious about our profession and that means getting educated. Especially about anatomy.

What do you think? Have I missed any?