Meet me: Karen

It's been a whirlwind few months around here - apart from taking over! as sole owner, you might have seen on Instagram that I also I travelled to Europe to celebrate the wedding of some close friends (I planned a lot of the trip for them too).

Oh, and THEN I got flu. Of course. So, I thought I'd spend the time at home interviewing myself so you can get to know me better...

And wearing rainbow socks, because: rainbow.

What keeps you teaching yoga when you are an economist by trade?

I remember the day when I was still an economist, looking at my colleagues and seeing this sparkle in their eyes when they looked at graphs of financial markets and the passion with which they spoke about inflation, forex, the yield curve, none of which I felt similarly about at all.


But that passion and sparkle I found shortly after I starting teaching yoga. The joy it brings me to see my students discover something new about their bodies, learning a new way to move, or correcting a habit and returning to tell me that a pain that they’ve had is now gone - that joy and reward is indescribable.

In a culture where we are always looking for more efficiency, a side effect is that we now move less, live more in our heads and less in our bodies, and I really like to use yoga as a tool to inspire people to move more and have less pain, and training other teachers who will hopefully do the same.


What’s the most fun part of this job?

Meeting different individuals, and learning for myself as well how we are all so different and unique, in the way we move, in the way we experience movements and sensations in our bodies. I also get to see a lot of Melbourne because I travel everywhere, I get to see the city, amazing office spaces and beautiful homes.


Suckiest part?

Not sure if I’ve figured out a plan for when to eat still. I’m mostly teaching during mealtimes, and often teaching in the evening when I would otherwise be eating. So often I find myself eating way too late at night, or eating on the go, which I feel my body isn’t totally happy with!


What’s your spirit animal & why?

rainbow unicorn kitten.png

Anyone who knows me will know my spirit animal is definitely a cat! This kind of cat:



  • I love lying the sun 
  • (Or next to the heater)
  • I can be very lazy and very active at times
  • Just like a cat I can be pretty stealthy and sneaky - ask anyone who thought my class was easy then had trouble with stairs the next day! 
  • Oh and they’re bendy! Just like me.


Where can you be found when you’re not running mm…Yoga?

Travelling - I love seeing where and how other people live, and if they move differently to us! (I know, such a nerd)

Binge watching series - a bit sad that it will be a year before the final season of Game of Thrones

Being out in nature for a good walk

Finding good food all over Melbourne with good friends

Well there ya go, me interviewed A tell-all tale!