Look Up! (The Zombie Apocalypse Isn’t Here Yet)

I like variety and challenge: they keep me from getting b-o-r-e-d. When I was young, I liked working towards fancy yoga poses - flash backbends, splits, arm balances. Once I could do them, they just weren’t exciting for me anymore, and honestly, they mostly became party tricks that I did when I’d had one too many glasses of wine.

A touch embarrassing that, but hey, we’ve all been young right. RIGHT?

Nowadays, I’m into a whole other kind of challenge: not looking at the ground when I go out to walk myself back to wellness.

Seems so easy.

I mean, with the feedback you get from feeling the ground with your feet, from your skin, and from your ears, you’d barely need your eyes at all if you were walking on a quiet paved sidewalk. 

This is true, but most of us are epically unused to processing and understanding that feedback - and if you are wearing shoes that you can’t feel the ground through (anything with a sole thicker than a converse really) then you aren’t getting good info from your feet anyway.

We look down all the time, like ALL the time.

At the ground, at our devices, at the food we are preparing, at our toes in yoga class because we need to see them in order to tell what they are doing…

Trail walking is my favourite because it’s so nice to be out in nature, and the ground is uneven - LOVE that for teaching myself to use the feedback from my feet. So, I’ve been practicing looking ahead as I walk rather than down.

It’s scary. I go a few steps and then the voice in my heads says, “what if there’s a snake on the path? Or a pothole?”

Of course, I looked ahead, and I know these things aren’t there. Snakes do not teleport onto paths where there are humans (usually in fact they get outta there as soon as they can. They don’t seem to like us much, can’t blame them).

But right now I am so unskilled at trusting what I feel from the ground that unless I look at it, I kinda don’t know it’s there. Zombie apocalypse right there.

Give it a try, walk looking forward rather than down - I’d love to know how you go - and maybe we can roll this Zombie Apocalypse back!