Let’s talk about the money for a moment

Specifically, the cost of our teacher training course

I’ve had people ask why this training costs so much because there are trainings around Melbourne around the $3000 price point. Nobody has asked why we are so much cheaper than a lot of trainings though! 

I’ll answer both questions for you because it’s absolutely okay that you ask/want to know! 

It’s a fairly large investment of money and of time and I want you to make the best decision for yourself.

Yes, our course is $4300 at the earlybird rate, and it doesn’t include textbooks, which you do have to purchase separately (3 textbooks, costs about $70 in total). There is actually a wide range of prices for 200 hour teacher trainings, ranging from what I know as little as $1200 to $6000 or more. 

A lot of the price variance comes down to the number of students each training take in.

The bigger the training group, in general the lower the cost CAN be. I know some trainings with very large intakes don’t follow this but they have the ability to.

We teach small groups by choice, to improve the learning experiene.

We limit our numbers to 15 maximum so that you are guaranteed individual attention throughout the training, rather than being lost in a big group.  

We also only run 1 training a year, as it is not our goal to necessarily make huge profits from teacher trainings or push out tons of teachers, but rather ensure that we can guarantee the quality we provide for the trainees.

We do offer payment plan as well, of 10 x $350 monthly instalments, and a $1000 deposit. The small instalments make it pretty affordable without having to fork out the lump sum at the beginning, and you’ll be paid up by the time you finish. 

The large deposit we require is so that only people who are very serious about doing the training will sign up.

We've found that when people sometimes drop out in the early months of the training (as people sometimes do), it can be very disruptive and demoralising for the group as a whole.

On a more personal note though, aside from looking for a course that suits your full time work and budget, I would also suggest finding a course where the teachers’ philosophy and personality will resonate with you. 

You are going to have to spend many weekends with them, and if they irritate you that’s going to make learning from them hard. 

It may mean just having a chat with some of them to see if something clicks for you or not. 

Of course from a business perspective, I’d love for you to sign up to our course. But on a human level and as someone who didn’t spend much time researching her first teacher training (and then spending a good amount of time whinging about the quality of the classes during and afterwards!), I’d highly advise that you take as much time as you need to find the right course for you.