Ever wonder where I did MY yoga teacher training?

This post is based on a Facebook conversation I had.. I thought it was interesting, and echoed the kinds of questions I often receive from people considering doing teacher training with me.

So I thought I'd share the answers with you, too.

But before I do, I want to mention that your choices really depend on why you want to do a teacher training. Some people do TT because they want to deepen their practice/ learn more about yoga/ do a lot of yoga/ go on a holiday and detox while doing yoga and this is great. There are lots of offerings out there that suit these goals (like the one I ended up on except I didn't realise it going in)

And some people actually want to teach yoga, either full or part time. It's not a BETTER goal than the ones above, just different. Somewhere along the line, doing teacher training became not just a way to learn to teach but also a way to get to know yourself better, have a particular kind f change from reality...see above.

Because of this, you need to know going in what it is that YOU want so you can choose right for yourself.

Depending what your answer is for why you want to do a TT, you might choose to go to a different place to do your training.

1. Where did you do your yoga teacher training course?

I did my first training at Sivananda Yoga centre in India

2. What was the most difficult thing about the course?

Everything was difficult!

 It was at an ashram: the cockroaches, the heat, constantly hungry because it was a vegetarian diet and we only ate twice a day but did like 4 hours of yoga. The internal struggle with some of the philosophical studies, some of the teachers were bad, etc

3. If you could redo it, what would you change about it and where would you do it instead?

Even though it was a crappy training, I am still glad I did it there, because I met great people there, and had an epiphany and some self realisation moments, but I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone because I had to learn to teach on the job! 

So: if your primary objective isn't to teach, then it doesn't matter too much where you do it.

Because most trainings cover pretty similar things. As a teacher now, and a teacher trainer as well, I'd say a lot of courses do not prepare you to actually TEACH. But if that's not what your main goal is, then that doesn't matter. If you DO want to teach you need to look for less yoga practice in the curriculum and more yoga teaching skills being taught. Stuff like how to project your voice, how to sequence, how to modify for different bodies. 4 hours of daily self practice doesn't teach those skills.