Yum or Yuk?

You may already have seen this floating about the internet.


It's an interesting approach though huh?

If, instead of polarising things to 'good' and 'bad' we choose 'yum' and 'yuk' instead?

We humans like a bit of polarity - us/them me/you work/rest. I guess it helps us make sense of the world.

Unfortunately the world isn't really black and white like that, it's much more complex. The yum/yuk equation gives space for the subtleties without you really having to analyse them.

All you really have to consider is: am I wanting this because it's yum? Or avoiding some other yuk by doing/eating this?

There is far more possibility for self-understanding in this line of questioning than in telling yourself that x behaviour is good and y is bad.

In yoga philosophy - the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali specifically - these concepts are called Raga - desire - and Dvesa - aversion.

They are both considered to be obstacles to clear sight because strong desire clouds our judgement just as much as strong aversion does. I am sure we all have a story to prove that! 

Life is easier when you are closer to seeing things objectively - we are human so it's unlikely we will ever be completely objective, but using the yum/yuk polarity seems a pretty useful tool to me!