Will yoga help me recover from injury?

We get lots of people asking us this. 

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is: yes, but you need to address the other 95% of your life too or you are likely to continue to have pain or run into injuries.

It's very gratifying for us yoga teachers that Doctors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists so often recommend people come to our classes. It's even more gratifying for us as yoga teacher trainers when medical professionals choose our course to qualify themselves to teach.

Yoga is a movement discipline though, not a medical science. At this point even, the biggest registration body in the world, Yoga Alliance, has told its members they are not permitted to call themselves yoga therapists, and I think this is valid.

We work absolutely best as part of a team with Doctors, Physios or Osteos.

Plus, we are teachers, and in that capacity we are just giving people tools to go off and help their systems heal themselves. We don't do it, people do it for themselves! 

Yoga class can help people with the top two bits of this movement pyramid - I love it, it's so clear. It's from one of our fave Melbourne Physiotherapists, Kusal of Elite Academy.

Strength and conditioning plus core control are what you'll get out of a good yoga class.

Th way we teach, you will also get an education about biomechanics but you gotta work on that a lot, in your day to day life. See how it's the base of the pyramid?

Poor biomechanics can cause all sorts of ills including osteoarthritis, pelvic floor issues, even high blood pressure.

A weekly yoga class is such a small amount of time in your daily life - even if you are going to yoga five times a week, it's so little compared with how you spend the entire rest of your day! 

You gotta take what we teach you about biomechanics and practice practice practice!

If you want a bit of a headstart you can grab our Little Book Of Biomechanics - it's launching March 9 and you can get yourself lined up for a free copy here!