The Secret Lives of Yoga Teachers

Teaching yoga is one of those careers that definitely has a patina of glamour on it, at least for some people.

I've lost count of the times people have remarked how nice it must be to do yoga all day.

But here's a little secret: we do admin, lots and lots of admin. At a computer, like everyone else.

Unfortunately, our lives don't just consist of practicing yoga and drinking chai.

It's quite irritating when people make that assumption actually. As a yoga teacher you are almost always an independent contractor, and as such you need to run a business.

Running a business involves a whole range of tasks: marketing, social media, time planning, invoicing, sales (i.e. finding classes), chasing payments, managing cash flow, travelling between clients. Oh, and there is a bit of teaching yoga in there.

When teaching yoga, a good teacher is not getting his or her own practice time in either. 

They are concentrating on the wellbeing and safety of the yogis who've come to class. Which means, you know. Looking at those people to make sure they are safe. Adjusting your cues if people don't understand them. Creating a welcoming atmosphere. Being available before and after class so people can talk about health issues or questions they have.

It can be a demanding job actually. Seriously rewarding too, but demanding. I like to make this quite clear to people who are considering training to teach yoga because it's important to go in with an idea of what to expect.  

This is why we also teach business skills - including writing a yoga CV and finding gigs - in our training.

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