Is it more important to be strong or flexible?

People ask us this all the time.

Firstly, what does it mean to be flexible?

As someone who is pretty flexible, I see it as almost a bit of a curse. 

Being 'flexible' (which usually means you have loose ligaments, just a genetic thing) can make your joints unstable or “loose” - to the extent that it feels like certain things won’t stay in place. If you are n this situation you are going to have to work harder at muscular strength to keep your joints stable and functioning properly. 

That said, you need to be flexible enough to conduct all your daily activities, like bending over to pick things up off the floor without throwing your back out, or squatting down to roll up your yoga mat or tying your shoelaces, or reaching your arms over your head to reach the top shelf (particularly handy for people like me who are vertically challenged).

Does one need to be so flexible as to be able to put their foot behind their ear?

I can’t remember the last time I *needed* to do that.

Want to, maybe. Need? I don’t think so.

But then, how strong do we need to be? 

Probably also as strong as you need to conduct all your daily activities.

You need strong arms for carrying your baby/kids/groceries, strong gluts for walking (that's right, you are meant to use your BUTT to power your strides!), and strong everything for when you need to move house and carry boxes and walk up and down and back and forth multiple times!

Coincidently, strong muscles also help hold joints together.

Which is particularly helpful with very mobile people like myself, to prevent injuries and experiencing pain!