Four Yoga Myths, Busted

It's probably kinda obvious that I like to debunk all the crazy ideas people have about what yoga is and what you need to BE in order to practice or teach it huh?

One of the questions we ask all our potential teacher trainees is why they want to become teachers. We ask this so that people have to think about it. 

The answers are often very moving.

People talk about the peace they get, the way they feel when they practice, and the emotional and physical strength they gain from their practice.

Nobody has yet told me they want to teach yoga to get other people into super-wow poses.

Which brings me to some myths about yoga that need busting!

  1. Myth: you need to be flexible. I hope I have adequately made my point that you don't need to be bendy to do - or teach - yoga.
  2. Myth: yoga fixes everything. Seriously WHERE did this one come from? So odd. It doesn't though. You have to address the other 99% of your life to get real change.
  3. Myth: You can teach yoga if you like yoga. Um, no. You need to have the right temperament to be a TEACHER. People don't always consider that. These five things in particular are important.
  4. Myth: Yoga Teacher Training is easy. If it is, it's not going to be a worthwhile qualification, unfortunately. The path to becoming a teacher should look something like this.

Basically it helps to remember that we are all humans together and doing yoga/teaching yoga should be a nurturing activity, ideally not terribly competitive and one that helps people, as one of our teacher trainees said in his answer to the 'why do you want to teach' question, make friends with their bodies.

Header image courtesy of Twisty Yoga - one of our amazing graduates!