A Real Pain In The Neck

You know how I was talking about lower cross syndrome causing back pain the other day? Well, the same thing can happen in your upper body, when weak muscles cross with tight ones. It's a real pain in the neck! 

Take this photo - its so pretty, but I just want to reach in and press her chin backwards, to take a load off those poor neck muscles.

Upper cross syndrome basically means that these things are happening:

  • The muscles between your shoulder blades and around your armpits lengthen and become weak

  • The muscles on your chest and the front of your neck shorten and also become weak

  • The muscles that run from the top of your shoulder blades, across the top of your shoulders and up your neck to the base of the skull have to do all the work. They don't like this very much. And it usually means they're tense and feel a bit like a rope.

The forward head carriage (aka vulture neck) situation is why we are so reluctant to teach inversions.

It's worth learning to stand - and walk - and sit with better mechanics, because TRUST me here, although it's tedious to change habits at first, the payoff is so worth it - more comfort, less pain, better athletic performance...

Remember this article on DIY fixes? We made the pictures so you can print them out and pop them at your desk to do whenever you remember.

And this article is very useful too! 

Happy chin ramping folks!