For those who hate exercise: 7 sneaky ways to move more

I tell people often how much I hate exercise, and I’ve said it before on this blog (I’m sure..??).

When I think of exercise, I see it as a chore. I don’t feel particularly co-ordinated, my limbs often don’t feel like they follow the command of my brain.

At school, as a total overachiever on the academic front, every time I did sports or some kind of exercise, I felt like a loser. So I kind of hate it. A LOT.

But movement is good for us, and it doesn’t have to be the traditional types of exercise such as running or cycling.

ANY kind of moving is great, and the more the better. And it’s important to remember, anything more than zero, is better than zero.

So how do I trick myself into moving more for someone who hates sports and frankly quite enjoy being in a horizontal position?

Tips for sneaking more movements into your day for those who hate exercising:

  1. If you use public transport, how about getting off a stop earlier if you have time? If the stops are quite close to one another, you can get off TWO stops earlier!
  2. Similarly, walk to the NEXT station to get on, especially if there’s still 5-10min before your tram/bus comes
  3. If you drive, park your car a little bit further, even if it’s just a few hundred meters
  4. Park at the further end at a shopping centre, chances are, you can avoid the mad rush and find parking more easily! (But not after everyone reads this blog post!)
  5. Always choose the stairs over the escalators if you can. 
  6. If in a situation where you are waiting, and chairs are an option, stay standing. Maybe pace, maybe stand on one leg and practise your balancing.
  7. Place items you regularly use at home close to the ground and squat to retrieve these items!

Tadaaaaa! You just moved a whole lot and never exercised or eve had to make time for 'now I'm exercising'!