5 Reasons to work on your biomechanics + a free book

We  talk a lot about alignment and biomechanics around here, I am sure you've noticed! 

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Biomechanics is the science of applying the laws of mechanics and physics to living things. In our case, the human body.

Think about it: if we can use those laws to build skyscrapers and aeroplanes, AND we trust our lives in said skyscrapers and aeroplanes, then biomechanics is likely to be very useful!

Here are 5 reasons to work on your biomechanics:

  1. Knowing there are ways to stand, sit, and move for maximum safety and benefit, minimum risk and disease means you can practice moving in those ways! 
  2. Moving optimally will allow you to get the most out of your exercise time AND you will be working on your health when you are just say, standing waiting for a train. 
  3. You can apply biomechanics in your yoga practice to find more useful ways of moving, to get stronger, or getting the most out of a stretch. Ultimately, to get to know our bodies better, so we can use them more effectively (after all, we only get one body per lifetime).
  4. You might even find some of you issues resolve: Karen used to think her flat feet were just hereditary and having sore knees from long walks were normal when I hadn’t even hit 30 years old, um NO! Fixed, thanks to understanding how our bodies were designed to work and noticing she wasn't quite using hers that way.
  5. Once you understand what bodies honestly can and can't (also should and shouldn't) do, you are less likely to move into positions that may hurt or cause damage.

We've put together a Biomechanics workbook for you - it'll help you get started on the basics, maybe remind you of stuff you may already know, working logically from the ground up. And what's best is it's all in one place! Click the image or here to sign up for a copy.

Happy exploring!