Your feet don't have four corners!

One of the most frustrating instructions I hear in yoga classes is to 'ground through all four corners of your feet'.

Newsflash: feet don't have corners.

In fact, they are built rather like three-legged stools because the tripod arrangement is much more stable than the four-pointed one. That's why tripod cafe tables tend to wobble less on uneven sidewalks. 

One of the main ways our bodies bear weight is using arches.

Arches are structural wonders: if an arch can bear its own weight, it can carry a whole lot extra. Bridges are a great example of this.

The most notable arches in our bodies are those in our feet (there are actually three, not one) and the curves of our spines. If we go out of whack in any of those arches, which happens if, say, we turn our feet out when we stand and walk, we make it much harder for our body to deal with the forces of everyday life. We end up with muscle soreness, joint strain or deterioration, fallen arches in our feet...


Meet your feet.

Not a corner in sight. Understanding how the pathway of weight travels will help you correct how you stand, walk, do yoga, run, play netball. 

Ideally, you'd land on the front part of your heel,  transfer weight to your little toe, and finally push off from your big toe. I had to learn how to do this, I wasn't using my feet like this at all - how about you?