What it's really like to take Yoga Teacher Training

Okay, it's been a really, really long time since I took my first teacher training. I will admit that. But I know I didn't get quite what I was expecting. Probably not many people do.

It would have been super useful if I could've spoken to someone who was DOING a training first, so I could understand what I was in for. I thought, to that end, if you are thinking of doing your training with us, you'd enjoy reading this Q&A with one of our current trainees, Claire.

What things do you wish you'd known, or think it's useful to for people to know about teacher training? 

Claire working hard on an exercise at a training weekend. And yes, yogis don't need shoes! 

Claire working hard on an exercise at a training weekend. And yes, yogis don't need shoes! 

  • All people considering teacher training should honestly watch Karen's video first, she lays out the truths so well
  • Committing to the training is like going back to uni, there is work required and if you are juggling this with full time work and a already packed scheduled, be prepared to stop/shuffle or alter existing things to fit the study in.
  • On average I would spend 6-8 hrs a week on study, this time unfortunately cut into time when I use to practice yoga, so I was learning about it and not doing it as much.
  • There is a lot of reading.
  • Some people have judged me for undertaking this training. (Nadine's note: says a LOT about those people. Just sayin')

What specific things have you learned so far?

  • The detailed anatomy was really interesting for me. I am very much a 'practical' learner and this really made sense to me and I was and still do apply these learnings to my movement patterns and my own body, especially now I am battling a netball injury.
  • Breaking down the stereotypes of yoga.

What's been most challenging so far?

  • The history and the spiritual side of yoga has been harder for me, as I like solid facts and a lot of this goes against my previous study and profession, but it is still interesting. (Nadine's note: I think this is common for lots of us. Plus, it's a shock to realise the history of yoga isn't what you thought!)
  • Finding time to study.
  • Finding time to practice yoga when I am studying it in my spare time.

Are you experiencing any change/transformation as a result of this training?


  • More inner peace
  • Reduced internal criticism of myself
  • Acceptance that my routine previous to studying has changed
  • Acknowledging I may not work as a yoga teacher full time, which is OK
  • Physically – I have changed the way I run due to what I learnt in anatomy
  • I love the breathing exercises for relaxation (when I find time to do them…)
  • I've learned that there is no 'wrong' answer. It's all learning. 

uge thanks to Claire for sharing her experience. I think it takes courage to take on more study when you are working full time, and it also takes courage to talk about the hard parts. We are always so tempted to gloss over those.

f you want to know more about this year's training (which is filling up fast) head over to the course page.