What is Biomechanically Updated Yoga?

People have been asking me what I mean when I say we will be doing  'biomechanically updated yoga' at the retreat. It's a term coined by Jenni Rawlings (I think). It refers to yoga that uses what we now know about how human bodies work.

Biomechanics is the science of applying the laws of mechanics and physics to living things, or more specifically in our case, the human body.

If we can use those laws to build skyscrapers and aeroplanes, AND we trust our lives in said skyscrapers and aeroplanes, biomechanics is something us humans need to know about in terms of how to stand, sit, and move for maximum safety and benefit, minimum risk and disease.

Because I'm not a big fan of exercise (huge fan of food and lying around not doing much, if I'm going to move, I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it by just applying simple biomechanics - be it standing, walking, or yogaing

I apply this in my teaching by educating my students more useful ways of moving, to get stronger, or getting the most out of a stretch. Ultimately, to get to know our bodies better, so we can use them more effectively (after all, we only get one body per lifetime).

Learning how to move in a more biomechanically optimal/effective way has helped me SO MUCH.

I used to think my flat feet were just hereditary and having sore knees from long walks were normal at <30 years old - um NO!

Fixed, thanks to understanding how our bodies were designed to work and not how I was doing it.

My yoga practice feels more solid and stronger.

Also more honest and safe, as I now won't move into positions that may hurt my body, unless I'm really able to given the range of motion I've got on a particular day!