7 tips to help you nail balance poses

Balance poses. SO many people battle with them. Not surpsising given most of us don't stand on one leg much. Or you know, stand much at all, and if we ARE standing we aren't standing plumb or using our bodies optimally. It stands to reason then that it'd be hard to pick a leg up with all this going on.

So, short and sweet, here are 7 tips to help you conquer those tree poses.

And half moon poses. And all those other one-leg poses! 

Practice makes perfect - with coffee and balance.

Practice makes perfect - with coffee and balance.

  1. If balancing poses are your kryptonite, you need to practise standing on two legs first before standing on one leg - basically do your mountain pose all the time. Resources on how here.
  2. Squatting with a vertical shin also helps build strength in the muscles in your backline.
  3. All the alignment markers in mountain pose apply in balancing poses too - thighs turned out, knees and toes pointing in the same direction, vertical leg, butt backed up...seriously, mountain pose is your best friend for conquering balance poses.
  4. Make sure your arches are lifted, so you don’t put extra pressure on the medial knee
  5. Having a vertical leg, just like when we stand with two legs, which means shifting your weight back into the front of your heel - for glut activation, and quads that are not tensed up.
  6. Don’t look at your wobbly teacher at the front of the class. If you happen to be looking out the window, or better yet, practising how to balance while you’re outside, find the furthest tree to look at - that way you can practise how to balance AND relax the muscles around your eyes at the same time. Gaze point - or drishti - really does help you to balance your body and still your mind.
  7. Practice, practice, practice… Practice while you’re making your morning coffee, practise while waiting for a train, practise while you’re standing in a queue, basically whenever you’re standing, it’s an opportunity to practise and add more movement time in your day!