Top 6 Things to Avoid in Prenatal Yoga

It's pretty simple really: you want to you want to alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy but avoid squishing your baby or straining your abdominal wall any more than it already is, which among other things may exacerbate any tendency you may have towards diastasis recti (the splitting of your rectus abdominus muscles. Not pleasant).

Top row:

1. No strong abdominal work (and definitely no sucking your tummy in)

2. No strong back bends (only gentle upper back bends)


Middle Row:

3. No strong twists (only gentle open twists)


Bottom row:

4. No forward folds with legs together (forward folds with at least hip­ width space between the knees)



Not pictured:

5. No postures on the belly

6. Avoid inversion. 

So, this'll keep you (and if you are a teacher, your students) safe. Which is where we start, always. Then we progress to the things that really help...

Next week: the top 6 things you SHOULD do in prenatal yoga + a special glut, hamstring and low back release yoga video for subscribers.