Start as you mean to continue

Happy New Year. I do hope it is - last year turned out to be pretty tough, for me anyway.

I started the year sick and depressed.

It wasn't intentional, obviously! But it did set the tone for what turned out to be a very challenging year. I can't help but be slightly superstitious and wonder if it would have turned out differently if I'd gone through the Light Up Your Life process like I did in 2013? 2013 was a great year.

But I didn't. I set a two-word intention, as I do every year, but I wonder. What if I'd done a more rigorous process? Would I have been better equipped to deal with 2014? I suspect the answer is yes.

This year, I plan to go through all the stages of lighting up my life (dusk, darkness, dawn, daylight). You can join me if you like.

I've chosen my Two Words too: Be Brave.

Sail bravely into the future with a core-burning boat pose, kittens! 

Sail bravely into the future with a core-burning boat pose, kittens! 

Brave enough to look not just at what needs to be cleaned out, but also at what I want to add IN to my life. No more comparing. Rather, choosing what will make ME happy, and being brave enough to go for it. I'll be 40 at the end of the year, so it'd be nice to enter that new decade feeling like I've spring-cleaned, and been brave enough to add things in to my life that I've been wanting for a long time too.

This year, I plan to start with courage and commitment. Start as you mean to continue! 

What about your 2015? Special plans? Have you chosen a two-word intention? I'd love to know!