Slashies to Take Over The World

If you were born after 1980, you will probably be intimately familiar with the 'slashie' style career. 

If you are a little older and/or don't know what a slashie is, here's a definition from this article (see what I did there, with the slash?):

If you haven’t come across the term, a slashie is a person of many passions, who chooses to hold down numerous jobs and gets a buzz from employing various — often quite different — skills.

They straddle different industries, adding a slash to their job description as they go — think web programmer/bar owner/gig booker, or banker/musician/barista — and define themselves by all of these things.

Their incomes are also multi-streamed. A model will present TV programs, have her own bikini line and dabble in beauty products. A photographer and analyst will blog in their down time.

In short, they like to do it all, grabbing opportunities the way children chase butterflies. Traditions are out; free thinking is in. Equipped with social networking sites and the latest smartphone, collaboration is their shtick, making deals and building projects with friends rather than contacts. And they like how well connected it makes them.
— Fleur Bainger, Perth Now

While some yogis want to teach yoga full time - we gave you hints for how to do that last week - yogis are quite often slashies. We tend to be creative, free-spirited types and get satisfaction from doing lots of things. It's a way to nurture different parts of your intellect and personality, and this style of work is on the rise in modern service-based economies.

We think that's OK. Or maybe even awesome! I often tell people who are starting out on yoga teacher training that this is a really desirable starting point, and even end point. You don't have to be a full-time yoga teacher unless you really want to! You are giving yourself options.

Lots of our amazing team work this way, for example: 

Karen Chow in Temple Pose

Karen is an economist/financial educator/CPA/yoga teacher/massage therapist. AND co-owner of! Crazy workload, right? She loves it:

Being a slashie keeps life interesting, and I love trying to connect the dots between the various fields , such as how one can apply yoga philosophy to our financial habits!

And these three lovelies are slashies too. Left to right:

Sophie is a writer/yoga teacher/research masters student

Kirsty is a student of naturopathic medicine/blogger/singer-songwriter/yoga teacher.

Fee is a garden expert/yoga teacher/mum/prenatal educator. She teaches the pre and postnatal components of our teacher training.

I have always been a singer/performer but when I discovered yoga it was the first time I had ever known I could be as passionate at something other than music. I love having a diverse range of interests as it helps distribute the pressure we can put on ourselves. If one area isn’t moving as efficiently as I think it “should” I can look at other areas of my life and be proud. Plus variety is the spice of life!
— Kirsty

Another reason being a slashie can work so well is this: you get the satisfaction of a career change without a full, life-upheaving, transformation.

I did it for a while myself, before I became a full time yoga teacher. (And now yoga teacher/business owner. Ha! Couldn't resist.)

What about you? Do you work this way or hope to? I'd love to hear!