Nurture Yourself

Do you remember that post I wrote about the importance of rest?

It led to a lot of interesting conversations, in class, and also over email. 

This is part of an email I got from one woman, reprinted with her permission:

THANK YOU for this post, I desperately needed it! Despite all my best intentions I have spent the last few months firmly rooted in bad habits… sleep deprivation, perfectionism, anxiety and workaholism. Needless to say, I’m a bit broken. Number one priority for my holidays is now to finish creating my meditation space in the new house and then (this bit is where it gets tricky) ACTUALLY prioritise using it! Of course the irony is that I’ve put in EXTRA work hours to create de-stress kits for my students but in doing so have pushed myself to breaking point. I’m an idiot.
Interestingly, this post has also coincided with a recent conversation that I had with a colleague... a VERY competitive colleague, who was so determined to be the BEST at relaxing in her yoga class that she severely strained her back when she forced her shoulder blades to 'relax' over a foam block. Hilariously, in a later conversation she asked if it was really that obvious that she’s competitive. Ummm… yes! At least it made me feel a little bit better about my own issues :)

I suspect that one or both of these tales sound familiar to most of us.

Most of us have a hard time nurturing ourselves.

Although I am still working towards being a fantastic self-nurturer (Karen will tell you though that I have made HUGE progress this year) I do so love the word ‘nurturing’.

It comes from the French ‘nourriture’, which Oh yes.

All nurturing is a form of feeding and protecting.

Feeding your muscles by giving them the right food and enough exercise. 

Protecting your mind by keeping it stimulated with things that interest you and also giving it time without stimulation.

Feeding your soul by being out in nature and honouring the connectedness of all living things.

Feeding your relationships by giving them enough time, attention, and love.

Nurturing your plants by watering, weeding, and fertilising them.


Here are some journal prompts to ask yourself:

★  Do I have a nurturing yogAttitude towards myself?

★  If not, what areas could I improve on?

★  Am I nurturing towards others?

★  If not, do I know why? Is it because I feel there isn’t enough for me?

★  What could I do to be more nurturing?

★  How could I be open to receiving more nurturing?

★  What makes my body feel nourished?

★  What makes my mind feel nourished?

★  What makes my soul feel nourished?


These prompts come from our yogAttitude cards & workbook set which you can grab free here - and this week we will also send our newsletter subscribers a special video of nurturing yoga poses that you voted for!