Is doing yoga enough exercise?

People often, often ask us whether doing yoga is enough exercise.

There is a simple and short answer: no.

It's not that yoga is the problem, not at all.

Yoga is great.

Pilates is great, walking is great, lifting weights at the gym is great. Any of your chosen exercises are great. But unless you are a professional athlete, chances are, you are still not moving enough.

As we've become more and more sedentary, with sitting jobs and sitting hobbies, we've moved less in our daily lives.

So that half hour of exercise that was quite adequate for your great-grandparents who moved all day?

Not enough for you.

And this is why: most of us have a mental separation between movement/exercise and the rest of our lives, but really, we are designed to be in motion. Our bodies don't deal well with being still for too long. For one, it only takes about half an hour before the fuzz starts to form (and ew, this you do not want). For another, it's a case of use it or lose it

This is a picture of Karen's dad. He's in his 60's now and hasn't done formal exercise since he was in his twenties.

But he does move, a lot, just in the course of daily life. 

Use it or lose it, ladies and gentlemen. It'll help you live longer, no kidding.