How to have happy wrists -and shoulders - in yoga

Ever get sore wrists in downward facing dog or plank pose?

Or simply feel like your arm muscles aren't strong enough to hold your weight? 

Your arm bones can help you with that. 

There are some simple trajectories of weight that will help you position your bones so they can do their share of the lifting better.

When you hold weight in your hands, let it travel first into the heels of your hands, then to the base of your thumb, then the base of your forefinger, then across to the base of your pinky. 

Here’s why:

When you run the trajectory of weight through your hands in this order, it sends a spiral movement into your arm, crossing the bones of your forearm.

Resting on one another, the forearm bones take much of the weight, taking the pressure off your wrists and elbows, and even your muscles.

Meaning: happier, steadier down dogs and planks! Hurrah! 

See, this snazzy little infographic for you: