How to chill when you are always the organised one...

This is a guest post from one of our 2014 retreatees, Nicole. She is, as you will see, A Very Organised Person. So it's usually really hard for her to let other people be in charge. 

Here's why she found that little experiment useful...even if you don't join us on retreat, you can take tips from how Nicole learned to let go and go wit the flow! 

The last yoga retreat was absolutely fantastic!  It was my moment to be able to simply…. let go. I am normally the planner when it comes to my family, friends and work.  I am the one everyone goes to, to get sh!t done because I am great at organising stuff! And I am extremely efficient, perhaps it is my German heritage shining through.  So when it comes to holidays, I want to make the most of my trips to see and experience as much as I can.   So I plan every single last minute of my holidays.


This time, I knew it would be different.  It’s a yoga retreat afterall, I will just be doing yoga 24/7 right? 


So I walked into this retreat with nothing planned or researched, thinking that it would be full of yoga every day and night.  Thankfully, I got it wrong!!

 Every day started in the same nourishing way. 

A beautifully relaxing and encouraging yoga session followed by a great healthy breakfast.  At breakfast everyone would share ideas on what they would do that day, ranging from seeing the sights to relaxing by the pool.   We had our veteran yoga instructor and tour guide Karen, who always had great ideas of what could be done. 

It was great!! I learnt and saw so much of Bali. 

And the best part was, I wasn’t organising it! 

The only thing I had to decide was, what would I like to do today. 

And I must emphasise the ‘I’.

I love serving others and making others happy.  Seeing the smile on someone else’s face is so rewarding!!! As a result, I am great at finding the happy common ground…. Aka compromising. 

In addition to this, I struggle with being alone.  It’s always had a negative connotation for me.  I don’t really understand how it happened, but somehow enjoying my own company had the same level of enjoyment as hanging out with awesome yogi’s. 

I felt empowered at the end, to know that I could be with myself and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being with other amazing people.    And that is a HUGE statement to make. As the yogi’s I met were really awesome. So much so that I left the retreat with some great connections and friends.