Good posture: Back that thing up

Exhibit A: saggy ass. Exhibit B: wait, is that my internal organs pushing out through my abdominal wall?

Exhibit A: saggy ass. Exhibit B: wait, is that my internal organs pushing out through my abdominal wall?

Confession: I have a big butt.

Wait, what, you already NOTICED?

Hmmf, seems it's been, er, out there, for a while.

Dammit, that means all those years of tail-tucking did nothing except give me back pain and a saggy ass. And make me look like I had a serious beer gut.

And probably send the message to my nervous system that I ought to be feeling like a scared puppy, with my tail between my legs.

You see, one of the most important ways to get yourself plumb is to back that thing up. Further than you think. Go on, keep backing.

You might need to release your psoas muscles a lot - use the exercises I suggest here - to get that to happen. Those poor muscles do far more than they are designed to, in the average modern human.

You might notice that once you are backed up, your upper body is hanging or hunching forward in space like this. It was always doing that, but your hips were hiding it. Stretch your chest muscles. And your neck muscles. It'll help you get your chest back in space, and help you stop hunching without doing terrible weird things with your shoulders.

And when you are backed up? You won't be pushing your guts out through your abdominal wall. Voila! Flatter tummy.

Change starts with sticking your butt out. For serious! It's like one of those silly ads you see all over the inter webs...

one simple step to a flatter tummy - it's all about good alignment!

Notice I said SIMPLE step, not easy. Because changing habits - repatterining your nervous system - takes effort and persistence.

And note also: I am Not 'sucking my tummy in' in the second photo. That would involve me using my psoas muscles to draw my internal organs upwards and flatten my low back. Not great, unless you're trying to stabilise your back because you're injured. And crowding your internal organs like that? Also undesirable. Stop sucking your tummy in.

Like I've said before, you can get quite dramatic change quite quickly, as we do for people on our retreats, but it tends to take years to entrench ALL the new habits.

For example, below is my 2013 'improved' posture photo, contrasted with the 2015 one. Big difference, I think. And I was pretty pleased, in 2013, with how I was doing compared to 2009. And next to those, just for fun, the 2015 before and after with plumb lines. See, it's EASY to slip back into old habits... 

I gotta say, Buddha looks pretty relieved not to have my gut crowding in on him anymore.

Also, why oh why am I unable to tuck my clothing labels in before having photos taken?